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9th Air Force USAAF
416th Bomb Group History
  • Activation Orders
  • Transfer to Laurel, MS
  • Overseas Transfer Orders
  • Summary Statistics
  • Monthly History
      1943   /   1944   /   1945
  • Awards, Honors and Commendations
  • Example Orders
      1943   /   1944   /   1945
  • Conversion to A-26 aircraft
  • Informal Insignia and Motto
Squadron Histories
  • 668th Bomb Squadron (5H)
  • 669th Bomb Squadron (2A)
  • 670th Bomb Squadron (F6)
  • 671st Bomb Squadron (5C)
  • 2911th Bomb Squadron
Photo/Video Collections
  • Cachat's "9th Bomb. Division Strikes" yearbook
  • Cachat's 416th Photo Collection
  • 416th Veterans Photo Collections
  • 416th Videos
  • WWII US Air Force Photos
  • Honor Flight
  • French Legion Of Honor
  • "Precious Letters" Article
Abbreviations, Codes, Descriptions
  • Complete Mission List
  • Search Loading Lists
  • Missing Air Crew & A/C Accident Reports
  • 416th Bomb Group Operations
  • Squadron Operations
      668th   /   669th   /   670th   /   671st
Memorials / Casualties
  • 416th Bomb Group HQ/Support
  • 416th Bomb Group WWII Military Service
      Fatalities   /   POW/Evaders   /   Injuries
  • Squadron Memorials
      668th   /   669th   /   670th   /   671st
  • Squadron Missing/POW
      668th   /   669th   /   670th   /   671st
  • Squadron Non-fatal Injuries
      668th   /   669th   /   670th   /   671st
  • American Roll of Honor
  • Purple Heart Awards (PDF)
  • 416th Bomb Group HQ/Support
  • 416th Photographic Services
  • Squadron Personnel
      668th   /   669th   /   670th   /   671st
Overseas Stations
  • AAF-170 Wethersfield RAF Station, England
  • A-55 Melun/Villaroche, France
  • A-69 Laon/Athies, France
  • A-59 Cormeilles-en-Vexin, France
A-26 ETO Combat Evaluation
The Flight Home, Ferrying A-26s
What's New on 416th.com
Friends of the 416th BG
Reunions and Newsletters
"Reida Rae" restoration
  • 1781st Ordnance S&M (Aviation)
  • Support Units
  • Douglas A-20 "Havoc"
  • Douglas A-26 "Invader"
  • A-26 Case History
  • Aircraft Identifiers
  • Douglas Fuselage Numbers
  • Target Identifiers
  • NOBALL Targets
  • Mission Information
  • WWII Maps
West Point June 1943 class
416th Bomb Group:
  • Archive Information
  • Archive On Facebook
  • Memorial Plaques
  • NEAM Memorial Exhibit
Links and Credits
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