9th AF Patch

416th Bombardment Group (L)

Mission # 224 -- March 6, 1945, Tuesday PM

Opladen, Germany

Marshalling Yards



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Summary of Operations

Field Order        : 193-779
OpRep #            : 337
Nature of Mission  : Bombing
Mission Status     : Attacked
Bombing Altitude   : 12,400 feet
Take-off Time      : 1419
Time Over Target   : 1616
Landing Time       : 1818
Duration (Hrs:Min) : 3:59

Place of Take-Off  : A-69 Laon/Athies, France
A/C Dispatched     : 40 Total -- 40 A-26's
Modified British System Reference: F-493744
Secondary Target   : Wipperfurth (F-76498031)
Summary of Results : Unobserved due to cloud cover. Three Window A-26's.

Primary Target Latitude/Longitude: 51.06660,7.01360 (51° 3' 60" N, 7° 0' 49" E)
(Latitude/Longitude based on The "Coordinates Translator", (NGZ) wF493744)
(See Latitude/Longitude Coordinates and Target Identifiers for more information.)


Route Map

Loading List 1

Loading List 1, Box I with Three Additional Window Mission Aircraft

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Loading List 2, Box II

Mission Loading Lists Transcription

Mission # 224 -- March 6, 1945, Tuesday PM
Opladen, Germany -- Marshalling Yards

Included are Box, Flight and Position; Bomb Squadron; Aircraft Serial Number, Fuselage Code and Model; and Crew Members
transcribed from individual mission Loading List documents by Chris and Mary Adams and Carl Sgamboti.
Some information, such as Squadron, Serial Number, etc. has been expanded from other documents.

Box I -- Flight I
  1  669th                   
  43-22521  2A-N  A-26C
  Lt Col Napier, J.G.
  Lt Moore, D.L.
  Lt McQuade, R.J.
  S/Sgt Sharp, R.P.
  2  668th                   
  43-22508  5H-Z  A-26C
  Lt Mish, C.C.
  Lt Shaft, R.E.
  S/Sgt Roberts, J.H.
  3  669th                   
  41-39314  2A-H  A-26B
  Lt Martin, E.C.
  Sgt Sumner, W.R.
  4  669th                   
  43-22344  2A-C  A-26B
  Lt Turner, D.O., Jr.
  S/Sgt Reyes, M.R.
  5  669th                   
  43-22381  2A-Q  A-26B
  F/O Swap, F.W.
  Sgt Meliniotis, N.
  6  669th                   
  41-39263  2A-G  A-26B
  Lt Depner, A.W.
  Sgt Gillespie, R.H.
  [Returned Early Gas leak in Bomb Bay]

Box I -- Flight II
  1  671st                   
  43-22498  5C-R  A-26C
  Capt Pair, H.F.
  Lt Corum, J.L.
  S/Sgt Fessler, H.S.
  2  671st                   
  43-22313  5C-B  A-26B
  Capt Sears, A.C.
  M/Sgt Wells, J.J.
  3  671st                   
  43-22356  5C-C  A-26B
  Lt Spires, J.W.
  Sgt Messinger, R.W.
  4  671st                   
  41-39239  5C-N  A-26B
  Capt Hixon, S.M.
  Sgt Schmidt, K.W.
  5  671st                   
  41-39249  5C-F  A-26B
  Capt Nielsen, L.C.
  Capt Randles, L.P.
  Pvt Elliott, E.R.
  6  671st                   
  41-39237  5C-D  A-26B
  Lt Wright, J.R.
  Sgt Redding, R.D.

Box I -- Flight III
  1  671st                   
  43-22499  5C-G  A-26C
  Lt Buskirk, J.A.
  Lt Hanna, R.C.
  S/Sgt Corbitt, C.H.
  2  671st                   
  41-39300  5C-K  A-26B
  Lt Jokinen, W.R.
  Sgt McNellis, D.E.
  3  671st                   
  43-22419  5C-Z  A-26B
  Lt Withington, D.L.
  S/Sgt McElhattan, L.D.
  4  671st                   
  41-39209  5C-M  A-26B
  Lt Murray, T.J.
  S/Sgt Swank, O.E.
  5  671st                   
  41-39332  5C-P  A-26B
  Lt Graeber, T.E.
  Sgt Miller, A.H.
  6  671st                   
  41-39297  5C-T  A-26B
  Lt Miller, J.H.
  S/Sgt Brown, R.J.

Box I
  SPARE  670th               
  41-39224  F6-E  A-26B
  Lt Willard, J.A.
  Sgt Hinker, C.V.

Box I -- Flight WINDOW
  1  671st                   
  43-22490  5C-X  A-26C
  Lt Lackovich, J.J.
  Lt Muir, R.C.
  S/Sgt Connery, T.
  Pvt Barry, R.M.
  2  668th                   
  41-39264  5H-I  A-26B
  Lt Kreh, E.B.
  S/Sgt Metzler, L.V.
  S/Sgt Schafer, E.L.
  3  670th                   
  41-39205  F6-M  A-26B
  Lt Barausky, P.P.
  Pvt Wilson, B.R.
  S/Sgt Hall, M.

Box II -- Flight I
  1  669th                   
  43-22487  2A-J  A-26C
  Lt Miller, E.L.
  Lt Conner, J.K.
  Lt Johnson, G.G.
  S/Sgt Pemberton, J.M.
  2  670th                   
  43-22501  F6-W  A-26C
  Lt Heinke, W.R.
  Lt Rosenquist, A.E.
  S/Sgt VanWert, G.R.
  3  669th                   
  43-22354  2A-S  A-26B
  Lt Weinert, C.E.
  Sgt Francis, R.D.
  4  669th                   
  41-39362  2A-Y  A-26B
  Lt Jordan, C.S.
  S/Sgt Jensen, K.F.
  5  669th                   
  41-39271  2A-R  A-26B
  Lt Smith, D.E.
  Sgt Kirik, S.J.
  6  669th                   
  41-39244  2A-I  A-26B
  Capt DuFault, W.F.
  S/Sgt Vorce, K.E.

Box II -- Flight II
  1  670th                   
  43-22507  F6-Q  A-26C
  Lt Grunig, D.B.
  Lt Morris, B.C.
  Sgt Nowosielski, H.J.
  2  670th                   
  41-39223  F6-B  A-26B
  Lt Bishop, E.G.
  Sgt Hudnutt, L.W.
  3  670th                   
  41-39215  F6-R  A-26B
  Lt Chitty, W.D.
  Sgt Raccio, V.B.
  4  670th                   
  41-39416  F6-O  A-26B
  Lt Errotabere, M.
  Sgt Lynch, P.R.
  5  670th                   
  43-22307  F6-N  A-26B
  Lt Turman, A.R.
  S/Sgt Harmon, C.D.
  6  670th                   
  43-22334  F6-G  A-26B
  Lt Ford, R.
  Cpl Thompson, C.J.

Box II -- Flight III
  1  668th                   
  43-22523  5H-N  A-26C
  Capt Evans, H.M.
  Lt McCartney, T.M.
  S/Sgt Skeens, C.L.
  2  668th                   
  43-22385  5H-D  A-26B
  Lt Montrose, J.H.
  S/Sgt Felkel, J.W.
  3  668th                   
  41-39325  5H-L  A-26B
  Lt Hale, W.L.
  S/Sgt Bentzler, D.H.
  4  668th                   
  41-39213  5H-A  A-26B
  Lt McCready, T.D.
  S/Sgt Lemonds, W.E.
  5  668th                   
  41-39274  5H-S  A-26B
  Lt Blevins, J.W.
  Sgt Gentry, F.
  6  668th                   
  41-39335  5H-W  A-26B
  Lt Zeimet, L.R.
  Cpl Ray, R.K.

Box II
  SPARE  671st               
  41-39250  5C-A  A-26B
  Lt Anderson, C.M.
  Sgt Deatherage, J.H.

Group and Unit Histories

Mission # 224 -- March 6, 1945, Tuesday PM
Opladen, Germany -- Marshalling Yards

"416th Bombardment Group (L) - Group History 1945"
Transcribed from USAF Archives

Flying their seventh mission in six days, two boxes, led by Lt Col Napier, Lts Moore and McQuade, B&N, and Capt Miller, Lts Connor and Johnson, B&N, bombed the Opladen marshalling yards on PPF. Crews reported that the bombs cut completely across the northern end of the yards. There was no flak. The planes made their attack without fighter escort.

"Attack Bombers, We Need You! A History of the 416th Bomb Group"
Ralph Conte
Page 222

Mission #224 - 6 March - Opladen Marshalling Yard. Lt. Col. Napier with Lts. Moore and McQuade BNs and Captain Miller with Lts. Conner and Johnson, BNs led boxes. Captain Evans and Lt. McCartney, BN, - Lts. Lackovich and Muir BN, - Captain Pair and Lt. Corum BN plus Lts. Buskirk and Hanna BN, led flights. Lt. Mish with Lt. Shaft BN, flew a window dropping plane. The usual PFF pathfinder planes led the formation to bomb through the clouds. Recon showed the bombs enveloped the northern end of the yards with considerable damage. The fighter escort did not show up, but the group went on anyway. No flak came up

"669th Bombardment Squadron (L) History"
Transcription from USAF Archives

The Opladen Marshalling Yards were attacked, on March 6th by a formation led by Lt. Col. Napier. Lt. Moore and Lt. McQuade flew as Bombardier and Navigator in the colonel's airplane. Lt. Miller, with Lts. Conner and G.G. Johnson, led the second box on this mission. Because of cloud cover, PPF technique had to be used.

"670th Bombardment Squadron (L) History"
Transcription from USAF Archives

Second Lieutenant's Curtis, Balch, Henson and F/O Boerner joined the squadron as pilots on 6 March.

The OPLADEN Marshalling Yards were bombed on 6 March with excellent results. Bombs cut completely across the north end of the marshalling yards. This mission was accomplished without fighter escort. Eight of our crews participated.

[March 6, 1945], HQ Twelfth Army Group situation map

Map showing Western Allies and Axis troop position details in Western Europe
as of approximately 1200 hours, March 6, 1945
World War II Military Situation Maps Collection
Library of Congress

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