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2020 Reunion Cancelled

Windsor Locks, Connecticut

Cancelled due to COVID 19 pandemic


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2020 Friends of the 416th Bomb Group Newsletter (PDF file)

Friends of the 416th Bomb Group - 2020 Reunion has been Cancelled

April 20, 2020

Dear Friends of the 416th Bomb Group,

We are living in extraordinary times during this COVID 19 pandemic.
As you all know, Americans are facing the fear of infection with the
potential of severe illness or worse. Our countryís economy is strained
to its limit causing untold damage to personal financial and retirement
planning and strategies. Sadly, the COVID 19 pandemic has also affected
the Friends of the 416th Bomb Groupís ability to conduct our reunion
this year in Windsor Locks, CT.

Since last yearís reunion, the Reunion Committee has been hard at work
planning for the reunion. As we watched and read the news stories about
the virus, the committee realized it would be difficult and ill advised
to continue thinking that we could still conduct the reunion.

Our decision was unanimous to cancel as was the Archiveís Board of Directors.

Although there is significant past history of the 416th Bomb Group family
meeting by squadron, or together since the early post war years, this yearís
circumstances have forced us to take a different tact. The friendships held
by all of us have stood the test of time. While we will miss gathering together,
the risks do not allow us to conduct a reunion this year.
We hope you understand.

We are hopeful to conduct our reunion in 2021. To that end, the Reunion
Committee looks forward to reconnecting with all of you. We will be in touch.
Meanwhile, stay safe and take care of each other.

Kathe Rensner, Reunion Coordinator