9th AF Patch

416th Bombardment Group (L)

Mission # 284 -- May 1, 1945, Tuesday PM

Stod, Czechoslovakia

Ammunition Plant



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Summary of Operations

Field Order        : 275-878
OpRep #            : 31.0
Nature of Mission  : Bombing
Mission Status     : No Attack
Take-off Time      : 1449
Time Over Target   : No Attack
Landing Time       : 1931
Duration (Hrs:Min) : 4:42

Place of Take-Off  : A-69 Laon/Athies, France
A/C Dispatched     : 37 Total -- 37 A-26's
Modified British System Reference: WP-864260
Secondary Target   : No Alternate Targets Authorized
Summary of Results : Abandoned operations before reaching target area - lowering cloud bank prevented formation from proceeding to target.

Primary Target Latitude/Longitude: 49.61034,13.09239 (49° 36' 37" N, 13° 5' 33" E)
(Latitude/Longitude based on The "Coordinates Translator", (NGZ) wP864260)
(See Latitude/Longitude Coordinates and Target Identifiers for more information.)

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Mission Loading Lists Transcription

Mission # 284 -- May 1, 1945, Tuesday PM
Stod, Czechoslovakia -- Ammunition Plant

Included are Box, Flight and Position; Bomb Squadron; Aircraft Serial Number, Fuselage Code and Model; and Crew Members
transcribed from individual mission Loading List documents by Chris and Mary Adams and Carl Sgamboti.
Some information, such as Squadron, Serial Number, etc. has been expanded from other documents.

Box I -- Flight I
  1  668th                   
  43-22484  5H-C  A-26C
  Capt Evans, H.M.
  Lt McCartney, T.M.
  Lt Myrold, H.E.
  S/Sgt Skeens, C.L.
  2  668th                   
  41-39352  5H-J  A-26B
  Lt Hale, W.L.
  S/Sgt Bentzler, D.H.
  3  668th                   
  41-39188  5H-R  A-26B
  Lt McCready, T.D.
  S/Sgt Profita, P.J.
  4  668th                   
  43-22389  5H-X  A-26B
  Lt Laseter, W.H.
  S/Sgt Cross, R.M.
  [Returned Early Engine Cutting Out]
  5  669th                   
  41-39362  2A-Y  A-26B
  Lt Drum, E.B.
  S/Sgt Hindman, R.G.
  6  668th                   
  41-39274  5H-S  A-26B
  Lt Zeimet, L.R.
  Sgt Ray, R.K.

Box I -- Flight II
  1  670th                   
  43-22501  F6-W  A-26C
  Lt Barausky, P.P.
  Lt Sheehan, W.L.
  Lt Wilbur, M.F.
  S/Sgt Langley, T.R.
  2  670th                   
  41-39223  F6-B  A-26B
  Maj Conant, H.F.
  S/Sgt Kidd, W.L.
  3  670th                   
  41-39224  F6-E  A-26B
  Lt Chitty, W.D.
  S/Sgt Sienkiewicz, J.
  4  670th                   
  41-39416  F6-O  A-26B
  Lt Singletary, R.B.
  S/Sgt Candler, H.C.S.
  S/Sgt Richards, D.B.
  5  670th                   
  43-22334  F6-G  A-26B
  Lt Stankowski, J.F.
  S/Sgt Vellinga, J.R.
  6  670th                   
  41-39315  F6-F  A-26B
  Lt Balch, W.M.
  S/Sgt Kubjalko, A.

Box I -- Flight III
  1  670th                   
  43-22677  F6-J  A-26C
  Lt Brewster, F.S.
  Lt Dennis, L.W.
  S/Sgt Clark, W.O.
  F/O Conley, F.J.
  2  670th                   
  41-39286  F6-D  A-26B
  Lt Turman, A.R.
  S/Sgt Stroup, C.C.
  3  670th                   
  43-22330  F6-P  A-26B
  Lt Musgrove, W.
  S/Sgt Seighman, H.O.
  4  670th                   
  41-39205  F6-M  A-26B
  Lt Downing, W.E.
  S/Sgt Sgroi, A.P.
  5  670th                   
  43-22315  F6-L  A-26B
  Lt Ford, R.
  Sgt Murro, D.J.
  6  670th                   
  43-22320  F6-S  A-26B
  Lt O'Brien, J.V.
  Sgt Rhoney, C.B.

Box I
  SPARE  669th               
  43-22383  2A-V  A-26B
  Lt Housley, C.H.
  Sgt Block, P.J.

Box II -- Flight I
  1  668th                   
  43-22505  5H-Y  A-26C
  Capt Stanley, C.S.
  F/O Blount, J.H.
  S/Sgt Collier, C.B.
  2  668th                   
  43-22321  5H-T  A-26B
  Lt Carver, J.H.
  S/Sgt Geyer, J.F.
  3  668th                   
  41-39259  5H-H  A-26B
  Lt Tank, F.R.
  Sgt Harmon, F.B.
  4  671st                   
  43-22499  5C-G  A-26C
  Lt Russell, R.A.
  Lt Freed, D.R.
  Sgt Spence, J.I.
  5  668th                   
  41-39305  5H-U  A-26B
  Lt Phillips, J.P.
  S/Sgt Miller, W.A.
  6  668th                   
  41-39310  5H-A  A-26B
  Lt Evarts, A.V.
  Sgt Fagan, C.D.

Box II -- Flight II
  1  669th                   
  43-22487  2A-J  A-26C
  Capt DuFault, W.F.
  F/O Cardinale, O.A.
  S/Sgt Burland, A.J.
  Capt Powell, V.H.
  2  669th                   
  41-39314  2A-H  A-26B
  Lt Martin, E.C.
  S/Sgt Malloy, J.F.
  3  669th                   
  41-39229  2A-B  A-26B
  Lt Depner, A.W.
  Sgt Gilbert, C.
  4  669th                   
  43-22492  2A-E  A-26C
  Lt Anderson, C.M.
  Lt Dant, N.B.
  S/Sgt Deatherage, J.H.
  5  669th                   
  43-22354  2A-S  A-26B
  Lt Weinert, C.E.
  Sgt Francis, R.D.
  6  669th                   
  41-39263  2A-G  A-26B
  Lt Poundstone, L.E.
  Sgt Sumner, W.R.

Box II -- Flight III
  1  671st                   
  43-22498  5C-R  A-26C
  Capt Pair, H.F.
  Lt Corum, J.L.
  S/Sgt Swank, O.E.
  2  671st                   
  43-22352  5C-J  A-26B
  Lt Mooney, S.
  Sgt Buckley, W.C.
  3  671st                   
  41-39300  5C-K  A-26B
  Lt Milhorn, G.L.
  Sgt Doran, M.J.
  4  671st                   
  43-22313  5C-B  A-26B
  Lt Remiszewski, A.
  Sgt Barry, R.M.
  5  671st                   
  43-22419  5C-Z  A-26B
  Lt Cocke, J.B.
  S/Sgt Redding, R.D.
  6  671st                   
  41-39239  5C-N  A-26B
  Lt Simpson, R.L.
  Sgt Stypenski, V.S.

Box II
  SPARE  669th               
  41-39271  2A-R  A-26B
  Lt Harper, R.B.
  Sgt Black, R.M.

Group and Unit Histories

Mission # 284 -- May 1, 1945, Tuesday PM
Stod, Czechoslovakia -- Ammunition Plant

"416th Bombardment Group (L) - Group History 1945"
Transcribed from USAF Archives

How much longer would the war in Europe go on? When May Day arrived, we all knew that the end was near. Just how near was a question that only time would tell.

On the first day of the month, two boxes of aircraft took off to attack the Stod ammunition dump. Bad weather during the last few days of April made flying impossible. During the time, however, our ground forces had continued their drive forward and had joined with the Russians to cut Germany in half. Our forces had pushed into Munich and into the Bavarian Redoubt. When our planes reached enemy territory, bad weather built up. It was impossible to get in to the target. The formation crossed the bomb-line for about two minutes before it was forced to abandon the attack. There was no flak or enemy opposition. The box leaders were Capt Evans (Lts McCartney and Myrold, B&N) and Captain Stanley, F/O Blount, B/N.

"Attack Bombers, We Need You! A History of the 416th Bomb Group"
Ralph Conte
Page 258

Mission #284 - 1 May - Stod, Czechoslovakia Airdrome. Bad weather prevented bombing. When the formation crossed the bomb line they were forced to abandon the attack after flying just two minutes. No flak or enemy fighters were seen. Box leaders were Captain Evans with Lts McCartney and Myrold, BNs and Captain Stanley with F/O Blount BN. Captain Pair and Lt. Corum BN led a flight.

"668th Bombardment Squadron (L) History"
Transcription from USAF Archives

The fifth month of 1945 finds all of us "sweating" out the end of the war, but as usual each morning we attended a briefing, and to begin the month right, on May 1st instead of the usual "scrub", exceptionally favorable operational weather and conditions presented itself. Our target was located in AUSTRIA, STOD AMMO PLANT, one of the still remaining sources of ammunition for the German Army in that sector. Squadron "A" dispatched 9 ships to make up a total of 37 ships dispatched from Group. Due to adverse factors, Group did not attack the target.

"669th Bombardment Squadron (L) History"
Transcription from USAF Archives

With the inevitable defeat of the German Military Machine resting on our door-step, two combat missions comprised the Squadron's monthly operational activities. On the first day of the month the Group sent two boxes of aircraft to attack the Stod Ammunition Dump. The formation continued on the mission for two minutes after crossing the bombline. At this time the mission had to be abandoned because of the bad weather that had developed east of our base. No flak was encountered and no enemy aircraft were seen. On this mission the 669th Bombardment Squadron had twelve crews and twelve aircraft participate in the formation.

"670th Bombardment Squadron (L) History"
Transcription from USAF Archives

The bad weather which had held up operations the last few days of April continued on 1 May. 37 aircraft took off on mission No. 284, but because of weather conditions were unable to bomb. The target was the Stod Ammunition Dump.

[May 1, 1945], HQ Twelfth Army Group situation map

Map showing Western Allies and Axis troop position details in Western Europe
as of approximately 1200 hours, May 1, 1945
World War II Military Situation Maps Collection
Library of Congress

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