9th AF Patch

416th Bombardment Group (L)

Mission # 207 -- February 19, 1945, Monday PM

Weisbaden, Germany

Ordnance Depot



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Summary of Operations

Field Order        : 171-753
OpRep #            : 322
Nature of Mission  : Bombing
Mission Status     : Attacked
Bombing Altitude   : 11,000 - 13,500 feet
Take-off Time      : 1249
Time Over Target   : 1513
Landing Time       : 1648
Duration (Hrs:Min) : 3:59

Place of Take-Off  : A-69 Laon/Athies, France
A/C Dispatched     : 36 Total -- 36 A-26's
Modified British System Reference: M-345636
Secondary Target   : Selected in accordance with IX Bomb Div Cipher F-576-E (9-2-45)
Summary of Results : Unobserved. 35 a/c attacked Primary, 1 attacked Nastatten (Secondary).

Primary Target Latitude/Longitude: 50.07122,8.21949 (50° 4' 16" N, 8° 13' 10" E)
(Latitude/Longitude based on The "Coordinates Translator", (NGZ) wM345636)
(See Latitude/Longitude Coordinates and Target Identifiers for more information.)


Route Map

Loading List 1

Loading List 1, Box I

Loading List 2

Loading List 2, Box II

Mission Loading Lists Transcription

Mission # 207 -- February 19, 1945, Monday PM
Weisbaden, Germany -- Ordnance Depot

Included are Box, Flight and Position; Bomb Squadron; Aircraft Serial Number, Fuselage Code and Model; and Crew Members
transcribed from individual mission Loading List documents by Chris and Mary Adams and Carl Sgamboti.
Some information, such as Squadron, Serial Number, etc. has been expanded from other documents.

Box I -- Flight I
  1  670th                   
  43-22501  F6-W  A-26C
  Maj Dunn, L.F.
  Lt Brewer, W.E.
  Lt Maltby, A.H.
  S/Sgt Teran, A.
  2  671st                   
  43-22499  5C-G  A-26C
  Capt Tutt, R.J.
  Lt Beck, J.T.
  Sgt Schwartzapel, D.
  3  670th                   
  43-22315  F6-L  A-26B
  Capt Gruetzemacher, R.O.
  Lt Stankowski, J.F.
  S/Sgt Ricketson, J.J.
  4  670th                   
  41-39223  F6-B  A-26B
  Lt Merritt, T.S.
  S/Sgt Basile, A.C.
  5  670th                   
  43-22330  F6-P  A-26B
  Lt Sheley, S.H.
  Sgt Kubjalko, A.
  [Returned Early Lt. Main Gear]
  6  670th                   
  41-39416  F6-O  A-26B
  Lt Cook, J.A.
  Sgt Langley, T.R.
  [Returned Early Canopy blew open]

Box I -- Flight II
  1  670th                   
  43-22507  F6-Q  A-26C
  Lt Rooney, R.J.
  Lt Kirk, R.L.
  Lt Koch, O.R.
  T/Sgt Goggin, J.F.
  2  670th                   
  43-22469  F6-A  A-26C
  Lt Heinke, W.R.
  Lt McNutt, M.C.
  Lt Wallace, J.F.
  S/Sgt VanWert, G.R.
  3  670th                   
  41-39224  F6-E  A-26B
  Lt Turner, E.O.
  S/Sgt Sienkiewicz, J.
  4  670th                   
  41-39215  F6-R  A-26B
  Lt Warren, J.R.
  S/Sgt Stroup, C.C.
  5  670th                   
  41-39315  F6-F  A-26B
  Lt Errotabere, M.
  Sgt Bowie, E.A.
  6  670th                   
  41-39205  F6-M  A-26B
  Lt Bishop, E.G.
  Sgt Hudnutt, L.W.

Box I -- Flight III
  1  671st                   
  43-22498  5C-R  A-26C
  Lt Buskirk, J.A.
  Lt Hanna, R.C.
  S/Sgt Corbitt, C.H.
  2  671st                   
  41-39208  5C-L  A-26B
  Maj Ferris, C.H.
  S/Sgt Elliott, F.W.
  3  671st                   
  41-39297  5C-T  A-26B
  Capt Sutton, L.J.
  S/Sgt Gilliam, D.C.
  4  671st                   
  41-39237  5C-D  A-26B
  Lt Remiszewski, A.
  S/Sgt Miguez, J.H.
  5  671st                   
  41-39300  5C-K  A-26B
  Lt Hlivko, A.E.
  Sgt Farmer, L.J.
  6  671st                   
  41-39332  5C-P  A-26B
  Lt Graeber, T.E.
  Sgt Miller, A.H.

Box I
  SPARE  671st               
  41-39249  5C-F  A-26B
  Lt Spires, J.W.
  Sgt Messinger, R.W.

Box II -- Flight I
  1  669th                   
  43-22521  2A-N  A-26C
  Lt Col Napier, J.G.
  Lt Moore, D.L.
  Lt McQuade, R.J.
  S/Sgt Sharp, R.P.
  2  669th                   
  43-22492  2A-E  A-26C
  Lt Cornell, R.H.
  Lt Enman, R.E.
  S/Sgt Carter, A.
  3  669th                   
  41-39229  2A-B  A-26B
  Lt VanRope, R.W.
  S/Sgt West, N.D.
  4  669th                   
  41-39252  2A-D  A-26B
  Capt Behlmer, R.L.
  S/Sgt McClain, H.B.
  5  669th                   
  41-39241  2A-F  A-26B
  Lt Weinert, C.E.
  Sgt Dubi, R.
  6  669th                   
  41-39244  2A-I  A-26B
  Lt Poundstone, L.E.
  Cpl Arendt, E.A.

Box II -- Flight II
  1  668th                   
  43-22508  5H-Z  A-26C
  Capt Andersen, C.J.
  Lt Babbage, W.
  S/Sgt Euga, P.G.
  2  668th                   
  41-39305  5H-U  A-26B
  Lt Cannon, L.E.
  S/Sgt Robinson, J.W.
  3  668th                   
  41-39274  5H-S  A-26B
  Lt Kenny, J.P.
  S/Sgt Metzler, L.V.
  4  668th                   
  41-39264  5H-I  A-26B
  Lt Parker, P.E.
  S/Sgt Kochan, S.
  5  668th                   
  41-39335  5H-W  A-26B
  Lt Annin, W.W.
  Sgt Pauker, J.L.
  6  668th                   
  41-39213  5H-A  A-26B
  Lt Phillips, J.P.
  Sgt Miller, W.A.

Box II -- Flight III
  1  668th                   
  43-22523  5H-N  A-26C
  Capt Evans, H.M.
  Lt McCartney, T.M.
  S/Sgt Jordan, D.W.
  2  668th                   
  43-22321  5H-T  A-26B
  Lt Russell, R.A.
  Sgt Windisch, R.P.
  3  669th                   
  43-22381  2A-Q  A-26B
  Lt Prucha, L.J.
  S/Sgt Ferguson, L.C.
  4  669th                   
  43-22354  2A-S  A-26B
  Lt Wright, J.W.
  S/Sgt Profita, P.J.
  5  669th                   
  41-39328  2A-U  A-26B
  Lt Laseter, W.H.
  Sgt Cross, R.M.
  6  669th                   
  41-39314  2A-H  A-26B
  Lt Drum, E.B.
  Sgt Schwartzkopf, J.R.

Box II
  SPARE  669th               
  41-39271  2A-R  A-26B
  Lt Tripp, W.F.
  S/Sgt Floyd, C.F.

Group and Unit Histories

Mission # 207 -- February 19, 1945, Monday PM
Weisbaden, Germany -- Ordnance Depot

"416th Bombardment Group (L) - Group History 1945"
Transcribed from USAF Archives

Again on the 19th, the attack on the Wiesbaden ordnance depot had to be made on PPF. There were no observations of the results. Flak at the target was weak and inaccurate and there was no battle damage. Major Dunn, Lt Brewer, B-N, and Col Napier, Lt Moore, B-N, were the box leaders.

"Attack Bombers, We Need You! A History of the 416th Bomb Group"
Ralph Conte
Pages 209 - 210

Mission #207 - 19 February - Weisbaden Ammunition Depot. Major Dunn and Lt. Brewer, Col. Napier and Lt. Moore, BN led boxes. Captain Tutt and Lt. Beck BN, and Lt. Buskirk and Hanna, BN,- Lts. Anderson and .Babbage, BN, and Lts. Evans and McCartney, BN led flights. This was a four hour flight deep into Germany. Clouds, however, required PFF Pathfinders to lead the mission in. Little flak came up, with no casualties or injuries.

"Operational History 668th Bomb Squadron (416th Bomb Group (L)) WWII"
Wayne Williams, et.al.

19th of February today, we flew a bombing mission well into Germany, namely Group # 207. On the loading list from our squadron were twelve crews, two of them B/N Teams. Andersen & Babbage led our one flight in the second box. In the third flight of the second box were six of our crews led by Evans & McCartney. Anticipating poor weather conditions and low ceiling over the target, PFF bombing was employed. The Ordnance Depot at Wiesbaden was the target. The bombs were dropped, but the results remained "undetermined" with no photo coverage due to cloud cover. There was little to no flak, and all crews returned safely to the base after four hours of flight. This was the only operational flight for the day.

"669th Bombardment Squadron (L) History"
Transcription from USAF Archives

Once again, on the nineteenth, a pilot-bombardier team of the 669th led a box of aircraft in the group formation. This time the second box was led by Lt. Col. Napier and Lt. Moore. The Wiesbaden Ordnance Depot was bombed by the use of PPF.

"670th Bombardment Squadron (L) History"
Transcription from USAF Archives

Lt Popeney, S/Sgt Arnett and S/Sgt Candler left for temporary duty at the front on 19 February.

The Wiesbaden Ordnance Depot was the target of the 19 February mission. Results were undetermined.

"671st Bomb Squadron (L) Unit History"
Gordon Russell and Jim Kerns

Dropping their thousand pound bombs through cloud cover by Pathfinder aid, the 416th hit the Ordnance Depot at Wiesbaden on February 19th, 1945. Weak inaccurate flak popped up through the clouds, but all aircraft escaped battle damage. Results were undetermined.

[February 19, 1945], HQ Twelfth Army Group situation map

Map showing Western Allies and Axis troop position details in Western Europe
as of approximately 1200 hours, February 19, 1945
World War II Military Situation Maps Collection
Library of Congress

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