9th AF Patch

416th Bombardment Group (L)

Aircraft Accident Report 45-10-15-536

October 15, 1944, Sunday




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Aircraft Serial Number (Type): 41-39183 (Douglas A-26B-15-DL Invader)

9th AF; 416th Bomb Gp; 670th Bomb Sq

Reason: Landing Accident (LAC)

Damage: Completely destroyed (4)

Point Of Departure: A-55 Melun/Villaroche, France

Location: 2 Miles North of Deulair, France

Duty Name Rank S/N Status
Pilot Sheley, Stanley Horace 2Lt O-758084 Not injured
Gunner Paladino, Domenic V. Sgt 32833165 Not injured
Gunner Tharp, Freeland Madison Sgt 18136021 Not injured

Pilot and crew were on a local formation training flight and had to make an emergency landing in a soft field due to weather causing the accident.

The second plane crashed near Rouen. The pilot was 2nd Lt Stanley H. Sheley. When he became lost from the formation, he decided to pick out an open field for a forced landing. The ceiling was from 100 to 300 feet at this time. He finally located a field and brought the plane in. The plane touched the ground safely when it hit a bump, causing the nosewheel to turn sideways. After skidding along in that position, the strut collapsed. The plane was badly damaged, but none of the crew at all was injured. The gunners were Sergeants D. V. Paladine and F. M. Thorp.
(416th BG History 1944)

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