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416th Bombardment Group (L)

Captain Francis J. Cachat's

416th Photo Collection




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Aerial Photo Officer Captain Francis J. Cachat
saved over 900 individual photographs during his service with the 416th Bomb Group.
These have been scanned by his son-in-law Ron Papajcik and provided to the 416th Archive.

Nearly 800 of these photographs were initially grouped by broad subject areas and posted to the
Internet by Carl Sgamboti. The 416th Archive collection presented here has been expanded with
additional photographs, but retains Carl's original grouping.
Captions have been added where possible and a few photographs have been included in more than one group.

Click on the image or text links below to view the corresponding group of photographs.

Aerial Photos Bomb Run Target Photos Ground Photos People
Plane Crashes Plane Nose Art Plane Stills and Crews Planes In Flight