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The purpose of the 416th Bomb Group Archive is to preserve the memory and honor the accomplishments
of this World War II combat unit and its personnel through research, education and public interaction.

The 416th Bomb Group Archive, established informally in 2009 by Wayne Sayles, was sanctioned
by the veterans of the 416th Bomb Group at their 2010 reunion in Branson, Missouri and that
same year by the State of Missouri as a non-profit organization. This authority was confirmed at
the 2012 Reunion at the New England Air Museum with the dedication by veterans of a bronze plaque
that is now part of the Wall of Honor at the Archive. In 2013, the 416th reunion was hosted at the
Archive in Gainesville, Missouri and the Archive was approved for tax exempt status as a
501 c (3) organization by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.

The Archive is a repository for memories of 416th veterans and records of their service during WWII.
In addition to huge volumes of material obtained from the Air Force Historical Research Agency, and a
variety of public domain sources, the Archive has grown through the contributions of many 416th veterans,
their families, and friends. The databases, photo files, documents, and artifacts preserved at the
Archive are a tribute to that era and those who served. The names of 98 of these veterans are permanently
engraved in the black granite Wall of Honor at the Archive.

Wall Of Honor     Artifacts

Among the items of note accessioned recently are the records of post war reunion and memorial activities
preserved by SSgt Frank Basford; the research of Capt. Ralph Conte that led to his authoring of
"Attack Bombers We Need You" and of Dr. Larry Smith in his authoring of "Darwin's War", as well as
that of Wayne Sayles in his biography of 671st pilot William Edward Cramsie. The magnificent photographic
collection of Capt. Francis J. Cachat in digital form; the personal photo and document collection of
Lt. Wayne Downing; more than 300 personal letters and many documents, records and photographs from the war
years saved by Lt. Dave Andrews; the digital photo and document collection of Lt. Lumir "Lou" Prucha;
the diaries and photos of Lt. George Cowgill and SSgt Herb Sunderland have been preserved along with post war
reunion photographs donated by Bobbie Kinney, Jean Sittarich, Chris Adams, Tom Rickels and others. Many individual
contributions of photos and documents from the families of veterans living and deceased have enriched the Archive.
In addition, more than 70 hours of video-taped interviews of 416th veterans have been captured for posterity.

Archive Before     Archive After

The Archive HQ is located in a cozy and historic Depression Era building at 52 Fourth Street, Gainesville,
Missouri 65655
, that was used for many years as a Community Center and City Hall. The building has been
completely renovated inside and out and visitors are always welcome. Gainesville is a tiny hamlet that
serves as the seat of Ozark County in the heart of the Ozark Mountain region and is a popular vacation
spot for those seeking a quiet sylvan getaway. The Archive is staffed entirely by volunteers and maintains
a significant presence online through the 416th.com web site and the 416th Archive Facebook page. One new
feature on the Facebook page is the album of personnel portraits compiled and updated by Margaret McEvoy.
The improvement and expansion of the group web site, with the help and guidance of Rick Prucha, Chris Adams
and Carl Sgamboti is a major initiative that makes the story of the 416th available worldwide.

Wayne Sayles      Doris Sayles     Tom Rickels      Jean Sittarich     Rick Prucha

The business of the Archive is managed by a five member Board of Directors, consisting of
Wayne Sayles, Archivist, Founder and 416th BG Honorary Command Pilot; Doris Sayles, Registrar and Treasurer;
Tom Rickels; Jean Sittarich and Rick Prucha, all family and friends of 416th veterans.
Archive Bylaws document the governance and duties of the Board.

Contributions of 416th Bomb Group related material (orders, photos, diaries, articles, etc.)
are warmly welcomed and greatly appreciated. Donations to the library normally qualify as
tax deductions for individuals due to the Archive's IRS tax exempt status.
100% of all revenues go directly toward Archive programs.

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The 416th Bomb Group Archive strives to present all information as correctly and historically accurate as possible.
To obtain or share information, comment, or if you are aware of any mistakes on our website,
please Contact the 416th BG Archive.

Wall of Honor