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Photos and Documents presented on these pages are archived at the 416th Bomb Group Archive, a 501c3 non-profit entity,
and are presented here in honor of those who served in the 416th.

Additional donations of photos and documents (digital or original) are most welcome and appreciated.
See the 416th Bomb Group Archive page for contact information.

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Diaries, Journals, Interviews, Memoirs, etc.
Col Theodore Aylesworth, "A Review of the Protection of England Against V-Weapons in World War II"
(Air War College, Air University, 1953) (PDF)
Lt. Robert S. Bower Combat Journal Transcription
Scanned Images (PDF file)
Diary of Lt. George William Cowgill, 1944-1945 (PDF file)
Oral History Interview with Capt. Gordon E. Doule
Floyd Henderson Biography and "Floyd Henderson, Pilot A-20/A-26 671st BG" Article (PDF files)
The Last Letter Home - The Life And Death Of Robert L. Miller, S/Sgt (PDF file)
by Gary Graves
Short synopsis of Capt. Zean R. Moore's flying career (PDF file)
by his son, Zean R. Moore, Jr.
"Pillars In The Sky", by Jim Phillips (PDF file)
"Reece B. Robertson, Salt Lake City, Utah" (PDF file)
104 page Transcript of an interview by Benjamin J. Bahlmann, March 7, 2002 (On-Line)
Extract from: "Personal History Of Kenneth Tilghman Roney" (PDF file)
L. James Siracuse – "I KNEW I Wasn’t Coming Back" (PDF file)
Posted by LadyGuice on July 12, 2015, Veteran Voices On-Line
The World War II Memoirs of Tech. Sgt. Frederick L. Stemler (PDF file)

Photo and Document Collections

Lt. James D. "Herky" ADAMS, Pilot, 671st BS
1st Lt. Harold D. "Dave" ANDREWS, Pilot, 671st BS
1st Lt. Robert J. BASNETT, Bombardier/Navigator, 671st BS
Lt. Robert S. BOWER, Pilot, 670th BS
Capt. John A. "Jack" BUSKIRK, Pilot, 671st BS
2Lt. Charles "Charlie" CHURCH, Pilot, POW, 669th BS
Capt. Ralph F. CONTE, Bombardier/Navigator, 669th/670th BS
1st Lt. George W. COWGILL, Pilot, 671st BS
1st Lt. Francis W. DE MAND, Pilot, 671st BS
1st Lt. Wayne E. DOWNING, Pilot, 668th/670th BS
T/Sgt. Roland E. DULLNIG, Crew Chief, 668th BS
Cpl. Wesley E. "Bud" HINCK, Ordnance, 669th BS
Capt. Meredith Joy HUFF, Pilot, 669th BS (WWII)
Capt. Meredith Joy HUFF, Pilot, 669th BS (Post-War)
Capt. Robert J. KEHRES, Engineering Officer, 670th BS
1st Lt. Willard H. LAND, Pilot, 669th BS
Capt. Joseph F. MEAGHER, Pilot, 668th BS
1st Lt. Gentry L. "Bud" MILHORN, Pilot, 671st BS
Capt. Zean R. MOORE, Pilot, 670th BS
Major Garland Doty MURPHY Jr., Flight Surgeon, 669th BS
Cpl. Alberie J. "Frenchie" NADEAU Clerk, 671st BS
Maj. Paul E. PARKER, Pilot, 668th BS
Capt. James Potter "Jim" PHILLIPS, Pilot, 668th BS
Sgt. Roger M. ROY, Airplane and Engine Mechanic, 671st BS
Maj. Richard F. SHAEFER, Pilot, 668th BS
SSgt. John J. "Jack" SITTARICH, Gunner, 668th BS
Capt. Carl S. STANLEY, Pilot, 668th BS
T/Sgt Frederick L. STEMLER, Crew Chief, 669th BS
S/Sgt Roy Burnett SURLES, Sr., Crew Chief, 669th BS
1st Lt. Alton Roy TURMAN, Pilot, 670th BS
1st Lt. Carl WEINERT, Pilot, 669th BS

See also individual Memorial pages for:
WWII Military Service Fatalities 1943 - 1945
WWII Military Service Prisoners Of War/Evaders 1944 - 1945

ww2buddies.com Memories
Donna Cox Hill's ww2buddies.com website includes a section titled "Some of the Boys' Memories"
for 1781st and 1782nd Ordnance Units and 394th and 416th Bomb Groups.
Below are links to the web pages of the 416th Bomb Group members, along with saved PDF versions.

Memories of Bob BASNETT (671st BS) (PDF)
John Melvin BONURA Memories (416th HQ) (PDF)
Lt Tonnis BOUKAMP O-026182 (669th BS) (PDF)
Pilot - Lt Claude J 'Brownie' BROWN (671st BS) (PDF)
Memories of Royden Edward CONOPASK (670th BS) (PDF)
Memories of Joseph Charles CRISPINO (670th BS) (PDF)
Memories of Wayne E. DOWNING (668th/670th BS) (PDF)
Lt. Dan EASTMAN Memories (671st BS, contributed by Marjorie Cortez) (PDF)
Gus EBENSTEIN, 416 Bomb Group (668th BS) (PDF)
2Lt Lawrence A. ECKARD (668th BS) (PDF)
Lloyd FIDAO, 416 Bomb Group's experience (670th BS) (PDF)
Hollis Alfred FOSTER Memories (669th BS) (PDF)
John E. FREESE Memories (1781st Ordnance Unit) (PDF)
Truman GOSS B/N 416 Bomb Group by Terry Brlas (670th BS) (PDF)
John Parker HILLERMAN Memories (670th BS) (PDF)
Albert JEDINAK Memories (671st BS) (PDF)
Raymond J JONES Memories (671st BS) (PDF)
James Patrick KENNY Memories (668th BS) (PDF)
B/N - Lt James E 'Jim' KERNS (671st BS) (PDF)
Sgt Louis C. MAZZA - Airplane Gunner (671st BS) (PDF)
Joe MEAGHER Memories (668th BS) (PDF)
Arlington W. NEWKIRK (668th BS) (PDF)
Merrill O'NEIL (669th BS) (PDF)
Leo POUNDSTONE Memories (669th BS) (PDF)
Captain Richard Burr "Hawkshaw" PRENTISS O-789200 (668th BS) (PDF)
Lumir Joseph PRUCHA Memories as told by his son, Rick Prucha (668th BS) (PDF)
Capt Lucian James 'Screws' SIRACUSA - Pilot (668th BS) (PDF)
Memories of John J. SITTARICH (668th BS) (PDF)
Robert E. STOCKWELL Memories (671st BS) (PDF)
Sgt Herbert E SUNDERLAND - Airplane Gunner (671st BS) (PDF)
Memories of Thomas Ira WALSH (670th BS) (PDF)
Carl WEINERT Memories (669th BS) (PDF)
Col Richard V (Dick) WHEELER (671st BS) (PDF)
FO Harold James WILSON (671st BS) (PDF)
1Lt Robert W. YORK (671st BS) (PDF)
Memories of Michael ZUBON (671st BS) (PDF)

Unless otherwise noted, these images and files are from the Public Domain or were
provided to the 416th Bomb Group Archive by 416th Veterans, their family or friends.