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My Sister's Father: Reclaiming Andre

By Debby Fricke Smith




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Take a vicarious journey of one American couple as they navigate the Second World War. Andre’s [2nd Lt Andre J. Vleghels, Pilot] daily missives to his love, Ginny, and Ginny’s letters to her friend, Evie, portray an intimate, personal history of harrowing experiences and anxious days. Decades later, a daughter sets out on her quest for the truth, culminating in a pilgrimage to Europe.

The Author:
A Michigan native, Debby Fricke Smith was born post Second World War, when families wanted to put the war of the century behind them and get on with living. She grew up in a suburb of Detroit, part of the post-war building furor, where she remained, married, and raised two children. In 2008, she and her husband joined their family in Charlottesville, Virginia where they enjoy family celebrations and two grandchildren. It is her enduring faithfulness to family that led her to set out on a personal journey of discovery and resolution, culminating in a pilgrimage to Europe and My Sister's Father.

Citation: Smith, Debby Fricke. My Sister's Father: Reclaiming Andre. Independently published (July 23, 2019). Print.

ISBN-10: 1082017620
ISBN-13: 978-1082017629

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