671st BS Patch

416th Bombardment Group (L)

2Lt. Joseph Thomas ("Tom") Schouten

Pilot,  O-747902

Killed In Action - Apr 23, 1944

671st Bombardment Squadron (L)


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      Born: 23-Sep-1923, Chicago, Cook County, Illinois

Entered Military Service: Date: 9-Jan-1942 At: Chicago, IL From: Cook County, Illinois
NARA Enlistment Record: Enlisted Serial # 16037710

Buried: Normandy American Cemetery, Colleville-sur-Mer, France, Plot D Row 26 Grave 33

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From the archives of the 671st Bomb Sq.:

Today was another dark Sunday for this Squadron in particular. Take off for another "No-Ball"- Bonnieres - was in the mid-morning. Up to the target area nothing of importance happened except for some inaccurate flak. The second box took an extremely long (1-1/2 minutes) bomb run for a known well defended target. It was on this run that Lt. Joseph T. Schouten, flying number four in the lead flight second box, received a hit on his right engine. He held position, however, until additional direct hits blew the entire fuselage off directly behind the wing, and the forward section of the plane tumbled to the ground. No chutes were seen to open. Though the crew are officially " Missing in Action", the Squadron has reconciled itself to the loss of Lt. Schouten, Sgt. Feistl and S/Sgt. Williamson. Sgt. Feistl had received the Purple Heart and a cluster for injuries sustained on previous missions with this Group.

A/C Seen to Crash. Lost as a result of Enemy Anti-Aircraft. Plane was hit in turret section of fuselage by direct flak burst

For the first time the crews saw one of their own planes broken in half by flak over the target. The crew, 2nd Lt. Joseph T. Schouten, S/Sgt. Robert R. Williamson, and Sgt. Joseph E. Feistl, are all listed as "Missing in Action".
(416th BG History 1944)

See also MACR 4095 and Mission # 26

Photos and Documents
1930 US Census
1930 US Census
1940 US Census
Lt. Joseph Schouten (Photo courtesy of Thomas Schmitt, nephew of Lt. Schouten)
Chicago Daily Tribune (Chicago, Illinois) 11 Jul 1943, Sun Page 106
A/C 43-9707
A/C 43-9707 WW II AF Photo
Caption on rear: Amazing photo catches a Martin B-26 [Actually, Douglas A-20] a split second after flak has literally blown it in two.
Crash Site Map
Chicago Daily Tribune (Chicago, Illinois) 28 Jun 1945, Thu Page 18
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