668th BS Patch

416th Bombardment Group (L)

1Lt. Raymond Kyle Cruze

Pilot,  O-747755

Killed In Action - Jul 18, 1944

668th Bombardment Squadron (L)


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      Born: 1916, Tennessee

Entered Military Service: From: Sumner County, Kansas

Missing: Memorial at Cambridge American Cemetery, Cambridge, United Kingdom, Tablets of the Missing

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Two More Men Of Torrance Die in Action

First Lieut. Raymond K. Cruze, son of Mr. and Mrs. Pinkeney S. Cruze of 2314 Dominquez, has been listed by the Army as dead.

Cruze, 28, was reported missing over the English Channel more than a year ago when the plane he was piloting did not return to base. His parents were notified in April, 1945, that he was presumed dead.

He also leaves two sisters, Patricia Lou and Mrs. LaVerne Sevier, both of Torrance. Lieut. Cruze had lived in Torrance for six months, coming from Kansas.

Extracted from Newspapers.com

On 18 July 1944, Lt. Raymond Cruze, with gunners Ssgt Samuel H. Geisy and Ssgt F.E. Cherry was assigned to a mission against Glos-sur-Risle railroad junnction in the Pont-Authou region of Normandy, France. The aircraft was badly damaged by flak over the target and was forced to ditch in the English Channel on the return. Air-Sea Rescue was available and all three crew members escaped from the plane, but Lt. Cruze and Ssgt Cherry drowned in the recovery attempt. The body of Lt. Cruze was never recovered.

A/C Forced down. Lost as a result of Enemy Anti-Aircraft. Pilot forced to ditch airplane in English Channel.

Lt. Raymond K. Cruse was forced to ditch in the Channel. Although it [was not] certain that he had drowned, his body was never recovered and he is listed as MIA. One gunner, Sergeant F.E. Cherry, was killed in action; the other gunner Sergeant S. W. Giesy, was seriously wounded in action --- he was recovered by rescue craft.
(416th BG History 1944)

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Back Row L to R: Lt. R.G. Meridith, Lt. Gus Ebenstein, Lt. L.G. Peede, Lt. R.K. Cruze
Front Row L to R: Lt. B.H. Bradford. Lt. R.T. McBrien
Torrance Herald, Torrance, California, Thursday, June 14, 1945, Page 1
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