9th AF Patch

416th Bombardment Group (L)

No Report

August 6, 1944, Sunday




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Aircraft Serial Number (Type): 43-9943 (Douglas A-20G-35-DO Havoc)

9th AF; 416th Bomb Gp; 669th Bomb Sq

Mission # 116; Box: II; Flight: 1; Position: 5; A/C Fuselage Code: 2A-F

Reason: Enemy anti-aircraft

Damage: Crash Landing, Battle damage

Point Of Departure: AAF-170 Wethersfield RAF Station, England

Location: Tangmere

Duty Name Rank S/N Status
Pilot Blomgren, John Edwin 2Lt O-753324 Not Injured
Airplane Mechanic - Gunner Bookach, Michael NMI S/Sgt 32606803 Not Injured
Gunner Fleming, Leonard R. Sgt 38529944 Not Injured

Severe battle damage forced Lt. J.E. [Blomgren] to crash land at Tanguere -- none of the crew was injured.
(416th BG History 1944)

The sixth was another two-mission day. In the morning, Major Napier led the second box of a formation attacking the last remaining bridge across the Seine river at Oissel. Capt. Huff was a flight leader. Lt. DeMun, Lt. McQuade, led the window flight. Bad weather forced the formation to return from the target area. The same crews returned in the afternoon to attack the same target. On the bomb run, Lt. Madenfort was hit in the face by flak so that Major Napier's flight did not bomb. Capt. Huff's flight, however, scored an excellent. The flak was intense and four planes were lost. Severe battle damage forced Lt. Blomgren to crash land at Tangmere -- none of the crew was injured. Lt. Jack F. Smith also crash landed at Tangmere due to flak damage. His brakes were shot out, and, when his plane nosed in at the end of the runway, it was washed out. None of the crew was injured.
("669th Bombardment Squadron (L) History")

See Mission # 116 for additional details