9th AF Patch

416th Bombardment Group (L)

Aircraft Accident Report 43-4-15-6

April 15, 1943, Thursday




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Aircraft Serial Number (Type): 42-33162 (Douglas A-20C-5-DO Havoc)

3rd AF; 46th Bomb Gp; 87th Bomb Sq

Reason: Killed, Stall / Spin (KSSP)

Damage: Completely destroyed (5)

Point Of Departure: Will Rogers Field, Oklahoma

Location: Goodnight, TX

Duty Name Rank S/N Status
Pilot Hulette, Eugene Stuart 2Lt O-736222 KIT

Nature of Accident: This pilot was leader of training flight. Flight was in a loose lufberry circle at 2500 feet when this airplane fell into a spin, recovered and fell into another from which pilot was unable to recover before impact with ground.

Cause of Accident: 100% Undetermined. No evidence of pilot error or structural failure.

For every man you know who has ever tried to defy the laws of gravity, you will find one who has faced death. There are some who lose out in the struggle. On April 15, 2nd Lt Eugene S. Hulette, while on temporary duty at Amarillo, Texas was killed on a routine training mission.
(416th BG History 1943)

4-15-43D. Goodnight, Texas. At 1255, a Douglas A-20C crashed four miles east of Goodnight, Texas, killing Pilot 2Lt. Eugene S. Hulette. The pilot was leading a three-ship flight on a formation-training mission. The three airplanes entered a Lufbery circle and the subject airplane stalled when the pilot right-ended his turn too much. The airplane fell out in a spin to the left. The pilot recovered momentarily but the airplane entered another spin to the left. The pilot was unable to recover the airplane and it spun to the ground where it exploded into flames upon impact.
(Mireles, Vol. 1, Pg. 340)