670th BS Patch

416th Bombardment Group (L)

William J. Meng

Maj., Pilot, Squadron Commander

1917 - February 1, 2001

670th Bombardment Squadron (L)


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Official Air Force Biography (PDF)  

France 1944, Major William J. Meng lighting cigarette


Colonel William J. Meng, center (ca. 1952)

Brigadier General William J. Meng with F-101 (1964)

William J. Meng,  1917 -2001


"February 21, 2001 at Arlington on a very cold wet morning. As we walked behind the caisson, I noticed a flock of wild geese forming ahead of us on the ground to our right.  Evidently the USAF photographer noticed the geese too because he caught the AF Band having to wait for the geese to cross the path and then, unforgettably, the photographer caught the geese flying in formation over the grave site.  I watched as the formation turned east, over the trees and over the Pentagon, disappearing into the sky.  I’m sure Dad liked that a lot."  ---  Andy Meng Whitehouse 

"Goin' Home" courtesy of the U.S. Air Force Band