9th AF Patch

416th Bombardment Group (L)




Transcription from USAF Archives (Declassified IAW EO 12958)


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Congratulatory telegram from General Anderson on the Busigny mission, 30 Apr 1944.
(416th History, April 1944, Exhibit 11)

Letter from Sir Trafford Leigh-Mallory, head of the Allied Expeditionary Air Force, commended the Ninth Air Force for the best bombing against Europe 10 May 1944.
(416th History, May 1944, Exhibit 1)

Letter of Appreciation from King George VI.
(416th History, June 1944, Exhibit 4)

Congratulatory Messages from Air Chief Marshall T. Leigh-Mallory, Generals B.L. Montgomery, Carl Spaatz and Lewis H. Brereton
(416th History, July 1944, Exhibit 1)

General Anderson Congratulations TWX on July 14, 1944 Mission # 98 to Bourth, France.
(416th History, July 1944, Exhibit 27)

Lt. General Lewis H. Brereton Commendation Letter on 18 July 1944 Mission 101, Mantes Gassicourt inland rail bridge.
(416th History, July 1944, Exhibit 28)

Letter of Appreciation from King George VI.
(416th History, August 1944, Exhibit 31)

Commendation TWX from General Backus on Oissel bridge Aug 6, 1944 Mission 115 or 116.
(416th History, August 1944, Exhibit 33-A)

General Anderson Commendation TWX on 19 November, 1944 mission #161 to Merzig.
(416th History, November 1944, Exhibit 5)

Commendation TWX from Major General Hoyt S. Vandenberg on 14 February 1945 Mission 204 or 205.
(416th History, February 1945, Exhibit 9)

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