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Croix de Guerre

with "Star of Vermeil"




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On August 17, 1945, General Rene Bouscat, Inspector General of the French Air Force, issued General Order No 40
awarding the Croix de Guerre with "Star of Vermeil" to the US 9th Tactical Air Force and all its units,
for the period 18 Oct 1943 to 8 May 1945.

General Order No 40, France, August 17, 1945 - Croix de Guerre award to the 9th Air Force.
(416th BG Archive)

French to English translation via Google Translate:

                            - E X T R A C T - 

                           GENERAL ORDER No 40
                          dated August 17, 1945

                     THE AIR FORCE GENERAL BOUSCAT,
                  Inspector General of the Air Force

                              Q U O T E

                       to the order of AIR CORPS

9th Tactical Air Force

        "Magnificent combat unit, masterfully commanded by the Major 
General WEYLAND. Should be cited as an example for exceptional results 
obtained in support of ground forces.

        "Since October 18, 1943, date of its constitution, the 9th Air Force 
made 383,983 sorties, destroyed :

        - 4,299 enemy aircraft plus 3,104 probable
        - 6,944 tanks and armored vehicles
        - 45,151 cars and trucks
        - 7,337 locomotives
        - 59,849 wagons.

This quote features the award of the Croix de Guerre with "Star of 

                                                 Signed: BOUSCAT

Certified extract.
PARIS, SEP 16, 1986

The Deputy Director of Military Personnel,
of the air force

Colonel G. ANDRE

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